FREE Stickers

FREE Stickers?! Yes, Please!

This is no joke! Just send us a self-addressed envelope with postage paid & we will send you a free sticker mix!

What Will I Get?

We will send you a sweet mix of extra stock & random stickers we get from skate companies to use on your deck, car or wherever you like.


Please note – the stickers shown are stickers you MAY get, we will send what we have on hand when we receive your envelope.

Where Do I Mail The Envelope?

It is so easy to get hooked up! Mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope directly to our shop:

TGM Skateboards
Attn: Free Stickers
183 S. Main Street
Mount Clemens, MI 48043

Be sure put the self-addressed stamped envelope inside the envelope you are mailing to our shop. You only have to pay for the stamp!


 Please note – We can only send free stickers to DOMESTIC US customers.