Longboard Trucks



Longboard trucks function very similar to shortboard trucks, but have some details that separate them from shortboard trucks. The first would be size. The most common sizes for longboard trucks are 9” & 10” (axle width). This accounts for the wider widths longboard decks tend to have. There are narrow longboards, which require smaller trucks. You want to find a pair of trucks that have an axle length as close to the width of the deck as possible.


One detail longboard trucks have that can affect the way they ride is the degree the hanger is at. This affects stability and turn radius. The lower the degree, the more stability you’ll have. However, that will give you a smaller turn radius. The opposite goes for higher degrees. The higher the degree, the wider you can turn with less stability. The most common degree is 50°, which is usually the highest degree someone will use. Lower degrees are in the lower 40s. Degree is usually only considered for reverse kingpin trucks.

Kingpin Placement

There are 3 main styles of kingpin placement: Traditional Kingpin Trucks, Reverse Kingpin Trucks, and Double Kingpin Trucks. Each style has a unique feel to it, and are used for different styles of skating.


Traditional Kingpin placement is the style that is commonly used for shortboard trucks. This style is uncommon on most longboards, but is occasionally put on longboards when someone is setting up a long distance push board. This offers more stability with less turn. Great choice for someone who is building a board to go farther distances on flatter surfaces or mild slopes. Not for downhill or carving. Degree of the hanger is not really a focus in this style. When mounted to the board, the side of the hanger with the bushings will face inward.

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Reverse Kingpin placement is the style that is found on most longboards. They are taller and allow for better carves and turns. Since most styles of longboarding involve a lot of turning, this is usually the style longboarders prefer to skate. This style gives longboards the feel that most riders are used to. Great for downhill and cruising. You'll see the degree of the hanger's angle very often when browsing this style of truck. When mounted, the side of the hanger with the upper bushing will face outward. Also good for carving, but if you are building a longboard to carve specifically, you want double kingpin longboard trucks.

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Double Kingpin longboard trucks are a style of truck made specifically for carving. This is a concept from Gullwing, used in their sidewinder trucks. If you are looking to build a longboard for carving specifically, this is the best option on the market. These trucks are unstable at high speeds so do not use these for a downhill build.

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