Hardware refers to the nuts and bolts that hold the trucks to the deck. They come in multiple lengths, but hardware is universally the same size. That is so they work with all mounting holes. The different lengths are for thicker decks, or decks with riser pads.

Nuts & Bolts


The bolt goes in the mounting holes on top of the deck, and go all through the trucks. This is where the nuts get treaded on the bolt. This locks the trucks in place. The most common lengths are:

7/8” This is the size used on shortboards without a riser.

1” This is the size used on shortboards with a ⅛” riser pad.

1 ¼” (1.25”) This is the size used on decks with a ¼” riser pad. Usually longboards or cruisers.

1 ½” (1.5”) This is the size used on thick decks with a ½” riser pad. Usually longboards or cruisers. 

There are multiple colors to choose from. Find the color that matches your style!

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Drop-Through Longboard Hardware

Drop through longboards require a special kind of button head hardware with gaskets between the mounting nuts. The typical counter sunk hardware looks goofy on drop throughs because it doesn’t sit flushed with the baseplate. It will also loosen easier and end up ruining both your board and your trucks because it doesn't properly align with the trucks and the nuts rub right up against the deck.

Button head hardware aligns perfectly with the trucks and the washers provide separation between the deck and nuts. Starting with the right hardware is the most basic way to protect your set-up and prolong its life.