Grip Tape

What is grip tape? griptape-peel.jpg

Grip tape is the traction tape that goes on the topside of the deck to provide support. If you want to stay on your board, you are going to need grip tape. The topside features a gritty sandpaper-like layer to help keep shoes in place, and the underside features an adhesive that attaches it to the deck. It comes with a removable backing, like a sticker. Like most stickers, this component has a one time use, so this can not be transferred from one deck to another. The most common size is 9" x 33" which fits most shortboards. As far as which grip tape is "best", there is not a way to measure the quality of grip tape. That decision is based off of preference. There is a variety of colors and graphics, so get one that matches your style!

Note: For longboards, make sure the size of the grip tape is wide & long enough

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